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Dear Earthlings,

I'm a Mac man. My current laptop is a 12" iBook G4 from late 2003.

I'd like to watch the original "Knight Rider" series on the Black MacBook because it reminds me of KITT. I'd even add an animation of the supercar's roving red eye to the bottom of the black laptop's screen.

But, in reality, when I upgrade, I'll probably go with the 15" MacBook Pro since the speakers on it sound WAAAAAYYY better than the cheesy MacBook and iBook G4 speakers. Also, I prefer the antiglare display, which is not available on the MacBook. I hate glossy displays because reflections in my screen drive me insane...or at least more insane than I already am. I have poor binocularity, which means my eyes work independently, refusing to fuse the two slightly different angled views of each eye into a 3D image. As a result, my vision bounces back and forth between the two slightly different perspectives of each eye. I often don't notice it, unless I'm looking at something close to me with something further away behind it. I think that's why I love the computer and TV screen so much, because I only have a 2D image to deal with. Mom says, "Virtual is not reality." I say, "Virtual is superior to reality, because reality is annoying." I hate glossy displays like CRT and Plasma, because they reflect light, meaning my poor binocularity gives me the bouncing back and forth between the two slightly different perspectives on the reflection. I like an LCD screen (the non-glossy or antiglare kind) and a non-reflective frame around the TV screen. When they sell the screen's frame as having piano finish, I immediately move on to another choice. I also prefer a black body on my TV or monitor. It makes the aspect ratio black bars less noticeable when watching something not created in the screen's native aspect ratio.

I had strabismus, as a child, which caused me to see double. I can remember sitting in the kitchen, and asking Mom why there were four salt and pepper shakers on the table. In reality, there were only two. My grandmother recommended I get my eyes checked. As a result, at age 5, I had surgery on one eye, and at age 6, the other eye was done. In each surgery, a muscle was either shortened or lengthened in the eye. I still have the poor binocularity, but it would have probably been a lot worse without the surgeries.

Unrelated to my poor binocularity, but just due to the fact that I wear glasses, I prefer a green power light on my monitor. With a red or blue power light, the light moves down and up when I move my head up and down, whereas a green light appears to remain much more stationary. This happens with glasses-wearers, and does not happen to non-bespectacled least according to two glasses-wearing and non-bespectacled friends I asked.

And don't get me started on dead pixels or bright dots. Grrrr!

To make a short story long, I'm very picky when it comes to my TV and monitor choices ;-)

Long-windedly yours,

Tad (JTK.CA)
(519) 780-1057
Guelph (pronounced "Gwelf"), Ontario, Canada, eh?