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Below is info about the incredible new camera I've purchased. If you would be interested in doing any nude photographic modelling for me, please phone me at (519) 780-1057 or email me at


Dear Shutterbugs,

I just bought the very top of the line Panasonic Lumix digital camera.
It's a whopping 8 MegaPixels and 12x Optical Zoom. Here are the specs:

Whee! I'm nearing the crest of the photographic rollercoaster!

One never stops learning. I'm glad. In our fallen, sinful state, if we knew everything, we would be bored out of our skulls, and absolute knowledge would lead to depravities not even yet conceived of. Of course, absolute knowledge could also lead to unfathomable goodness; however, we are not perfect. So, I'm glad God is the only one with absolute knowledge, because he is the blueprint for goodness, in which no evil is possible. Oh, that we would become perfect imitators of him, "as dearly loved children." I forget the Scripture reference and am too lazy to look it up. There's a perfect example of my imperfection.

Photographically yours,

Titanium Tadpole (JTK.CA)
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Tad is an Artist, Poet, Photographer, Nude Model,
Playwright, Singer/Songwriter, & Nudist Christian.
He is also a member of The Four Seasons Family Nudist Resort
in Freelton, Ontario, Canada (between Guelph & Hamilton).

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