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Dear Earthlings,

Every once in a while a moment happens in your life that you will cherish forever.
To begin with, ALAN PARSONS
is my all-time favourite musician.

Also, my Toronto best friend, Steve Martin, is an actual friend of Alan Parsons. Steve created and runs the official Alan Parsons fan site

Here's a link to a picture of Steve Martin and I in downtown Toronto

Now the story: Rogers Cable has been upgrading the cable wiring in my apartment building lately, and today was the final visit--a visit I will never forget. I opened the door, and could not believe my eyes. My cable guy was the doppleganger/spitting image/long lost identical twin of ALAN PARSONS. I told him, "You look just like my favourite musician, Alan Parsons." He replied, "Well, I've never heard that one before." Anyway I played a few Alan Parsons tracks for him, and he recognized his stuff, especially the song "Eye in the Sky" by The Alan Parsons Project. That didn't surprise me. Everyone knows that track. Anyway, the cable guy's actual name was Mark, and as he left, I said, "Thanks Alan...I mean Mark (with a wink in my voice)." He smiled at me as he left. What an absolutely wonderful memory to hold onto.

Check out my official "NudistPoet" myspace page
and scroll one third of the way down the page
for "NudistPoet's Friend Space."
The first friend link is the picture of ALAN PARSONS
linking to his myspace site.

I showed Mark the picture and he said, "Yeah, I see how you could see a resemblance [to me]."

Even Mom says that I have two or three dopplegangers
in town. She's even seen one of my mysterious identical twins
who dresses and moves like me, at the grocery store.
I think he even wears a backpack like I often do.
I'm still looking forward to seeing him for myself,
and seeing the look on his face as I approach.

And now, to today's poem. One of you said that you move around
a lot, geographically, and never know where you're going to be
next. I can relate. I am a pastor's kid. I've lived in Manitoba,
Ontario, Nova Scotia, New York State, Georgia (U.S.A., not the
former Soviet Union), and Indiana--some of these provinces and
states more than once.

Not knowing one's future whereabouts made me think of this
poem--inspired by home sweet disaster zone (a.k.a. my apartment).
When I clean, I do an immaculate job. "When" is the key word.
I enjoy it when I do it, especially vacuuming. It's just a matter
of getting myself started; that's the challenge.


I take comfort in my mess.
It means I don't know where I am now
And don't know where I'm going next.

As long as I can make a path,
I can withstand your wrath.

My messy room is a sign of trust in God,
Who is just as unpredictable
And leads me down His road,
One surprise at a time,
Taking me home,
Where I'll finally be perfect, like Him.

Copyright © JONATHAN TAD KETCHEN (JTK.CA) Word and Image Galleries

Love in Christ
(the best kind),

Jonathan (or Tad? or Jonathan Tad? or Tad Jonathan?
or Tadathan? or Jonatad?)...
Identity crises can be fun! ;-)


Creative Adventures by Tad (JTK.CA)
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