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Tad Seeks His Damsel in Distress

My name is Tad. I am a single male Nudist Christian Poet seeking my Damsel in Distress. You are preferably Canadian, so I don't have to worry about getting you across the border ;-) You are also a Nudist; or else you are okay with me being a Nudist, Nude Photographer, and Nude Model. I don't smoke, and I prefer a non-smoker. I am a Christian Nudist and am looking for a lady who also puts her faith in the risen Jesus Christ, Son of God. I do not want to have children of my own; I am simply looking for a lady to share my life and my love with. My art, poetry, and photography are at http://JTK.CA the official headquarters for all of my Creative Adventures. If you'd like to consider a future with me, you can reach me at or (519) 780-1057. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks :-)


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