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I babble when I'm by myself. I believe the most recent words to come from my mouth were, "barnacle tweezer electric elbow daisies." It's my creative cauldron, a stew of thoughts, which usually leads to nothing, but might lead to my latest masterpiece. Actually, believe it or not, I think it's my way of remaining sane. I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder to the point of living on Disability pensions for it. This babbling though is more of a Tourette's syndrome-like word streak. The thing is, unlike Tourette's, I can control my babbling. My babbling is an anxiety reliever, but when I'm in public, I generally silently whisper the babbling to avoid being carried off in a straight jacket. My babbling is often a string of real words, but it may also be words completely foreign to me, making me wonder if God gave me the gift of tongues but forgot to tell me.

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